10 Trinken Lids
10 Trinken Lids
10 Trinken Lids

10 Trinken Lids


10 Trinken Lids at our best price per lid and free shipping! Makes a great gift for your beer league team, stag or staggette party or maybe you just lose stuff a lot and need a few extra. 

Trinken Lids were invented after wanting to have a cold beer without the threat of being harassed or ticketed. Simply open your can of choice, snap it into the bottom of the lid (with a satisfying click) and pop the lid on almost any medium to large coffee cup.  Instant stealth beer cozy!


"The handiest invention since beer itself!! It's great for public camp sites or beaches. The kids hockey games..I wish I had thought of it, just genius" -Jace


By suspending your beer inside the cup, the layer of air insulates your can, keeping it cold in the summer and your hands warm in the winter.  On a hot day, Trinken lids will keep your beer cold longer than a traditional beer cozy with the added bonus of being discreete.  Trinken Lids features an ergonomically designed rim and spout that is much nicer to drink out of than a regular can. In addition,  the secondary air hole keeps your beer flowing smoothly.  After trying Trinken you'll never want to drink out of a can again.


  • Same dimensions as a standard coffee cup lid, so it fits almost all medium to large paper coffee cups.                                                 
  • Silicone gasket seals to top of can to ensure no leaks.                                                        
  • Six sets of snaps hold your can in tight.                                                                              
  • Ergonomically designed spout and rim.                                                                                
  • Secondary breather hole to improve flow.