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We are from North Vancouver Canada, in our late 20s, love the outdoors, having drinks with our friends, and spending time with family. Our friends describe us as fun and lively people who always see the bright side of life. Plain and simple: WE LOVE BEER. As beer connoisseurs we wanted to be able to test beers all the time, and we wanted you to join in too. We created Trinken so that no matter if you are at a beach, kids baseball game, or just wanting to go for a walk you can enjoy one of life's greatest gifts, beer (or anything else that comes in can).


Trinken Lids are an innovative redesign of a standard coffee lid, built on the ideal that adults should be able to enjoy a beverage of choice wherever and whenever. We exist because all of you love our product! As soon as we thought of Trinken Lids we went to work. After 4 months learning AutoCAD we had a 3D printed lid in hand and were prepared to dive deep into marketing. We contacted every website, newspaper, and person that would listen. In August of 2015 we launched a Kickstarter; with initial support of all our friends and family along with new friends from the Kickstarter community to The Chive and everywhere in between. We hit our target within 12 days. After 30 days on Kickstarter we were 225% funded. Now, the product is in final production phase, redesigned, and ready to get into the hands of the Trinken supporters. 

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