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Fathers Day is coming!

And Trinken has several tips and tricks to make your father happier and your bond stronger (hint: there's beer inside) It's soon arriving the day where we celebrate the one who raised us and taught how to make it better in this world. For that, we at Trinken cheered and filled our bellies with several cold ones, to inspire and write something worthy of their due respect.    First of all, summer is coming. Season of BBQs, toasting on the beach sand, and coolers to not let your old man drink warm beer. For that, we have the Trinken's gigantic ice mold, the Deep Freeze.Your dad will have several hours of pure cold and nothing to worry about after.  Good...

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Cheap Beer Challenge🍺Coors Light - Day 5

It’s crazy! The reception of our followers couldn’t be better. People have been asking for more episodes and suggesting their preferred brands to see how they are rated by our cheap beer specialist, the chad of drunkenness, the hero who smashes it all, myself, Jerry Mcarthur.But to not say everything has been awesome and chill a lot of beer fans have been angry with our results. But we understand that people are truly in love with their brands of choice, at the same time is some great fun to poke them while imagining their tears wetting their keyboards. At least some of you guys have a real talent when crafting threats, I’ll give you that.Up until now, I brought down...

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Cheap Beer Challenge🍺Budweiser - Day 4

The Cheap Beer Challenge isn’t over, and today we have a new beer to test out. Until now I have been lucky, and Wendy just threw the easy ones to drink, the ones that you can easily find on any party at the hands of the party drunkard or your old aunt (maybe her weekly attendance at the church is just a covert to hide her alcoholism, who knows?). I already went through the nice to drink Heineken, the easy to chug Bud Light, and the last one, Rolling Stone, and in today’s episode it doesn’t seem to be any different: The American Lager, Budweiser, was the beer of choice for this blind taste test (thanks... Wendy). The Cheap Beer...

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Cheap Beer Challenge🍺Rolling Rock - Day 3

Here we are again with our most awesome challenge of the day, the CHEAP BEER CHALLENGE!!! We already went through two big titans of the taste-lacking watery beer, Bud Light and Heineken, just to figure out how much cans do you probably need to become an utter embarrassment to your friends. Today the challenge will blind taste test an old lager that was darling for the craft beer enthusiasts. But not anymore, right Anheuser-Busch? And that’s why we got the extra pale lager Rolling Rock being featured here.  (my condolences for the Latrobe Brewery ✝, and the people at Pennsylvania ) But what is this Challenge? Where have you been living? Under a rock with no internet connection? The Cheap...

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Cheap Beer Challenge🍺Heineken - Day 2

Our first beer blind taste test was a smash hit. Everyone loved it. Support from Bud Light haters and threats from fans are pilling up on my mailbox. We couldn’t have had better feedback from you guys. Now I feel that I discovered a new talent. Jerry Springer, watch out! Continuing with the most awesome challenge on the internet. This Cheap Beer challenge will feature the critic’s preferred mass produced lager: Heineken. Out of my sight, Wendy popped one on the Trinken Lid and then tucked it inside the tall boy collapsible cup. Likewise the last challenge, it’s worth to keep in mind I’ll evaluate the beer based on the following facts: Chugging beer is amazing and all the bitches...

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