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Cheap Beer Challenge🍺Bud Light - Day 1

By Jerry McArthur December 05, 2018 0 comments

 Trinken's cheap beer challenge with bud light 12oz can
The Cheap Beer Challenge will be a series of videos where a beer can will be hidden in a
Trinken Lid and Cup Combo, and I’ll have to rate it based on the following points:

  • Each beer will go through a blind taste test and will be rated based on taste, crushability and alcohol content for an overall score out of 10.

  • I will consider all the things you’re looking for in a cheap party beer, and I don’t care about how “hoppy” or “foamy” they are. Screw that. No craft beer shenanigans here.

  • What matters is: will it get you blackout drunk without having to taste the flavor of piss?

A toast to the ultimate stealth koozie
A toast to our hero

The Contestant

Our first challenge was to have a taste on the most divisive beer in the market - It’s even worse than the American presidential politics, you either love or hate it. There’s no middle ground (or reason) in this fight with the absolute giant king of watered down beers.

shit lobotomy to like bud light

We lost some customers with this one but it was worth it


That’s a freaking light beer, and they mean it. It’s so light it doesn’t taste much like beer. I’ll give a 4 for that.


You can’t deny it’s an extremely crushable beer. I could chug without feeling it. Just the brain freeze from the ice cold liquid will give some sort of quick high.

Alcohol content

It’s a 4.2% alcohol beer, which isn’t bad at all. Especially if you consider that a light beer may have less than 3.5% alcohol per volume. But still, with the regular Budweiser at 5%, it means you’ll even need a couple more cans to get into the right state of drunkenness.

Overall rating: 5

After having a taste from the koozie (stubby beer holder for Aussies), I felt having a beer that barely had any taste, was low on the alcohol, but was very easy to crush. Very far away from being the champagne of beers, it is a beverage created to make people consume lots of it without being drunk.

Here is the video showing my experience rocking with the beer cooler:

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